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SolidBlock makes property work for everyone. The company is building a new asset class based on real estate, combining the stability of the property market growth and efficiency of blockchain-based financial products. SolidBlock creates tradable digital assets backed by real estate that grant investors rights to revenue, dividends, or interest and allow them to benefit from the growth of their property as well as trade their assets at any time.

AugmindMixed Reality

Augmind revolutionizes Mixed Reality (MR). You'll be blown away by the next generation of highly realistic and immersive content creation technology.

Augmind is an online SaaS platform designed to enable Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and MR developers to create hyper-realistic, highly-compelling visuals and digital content faster than ever before. By making MR graphic production faster and more accessible to developers, Augmind will clear a path for MR adoption by numerous industries including retail, real estate, gaming and more. Augmind’s MR development platform will offer app developers the world over a content creation tool that will allow them to achieve stunning, realistic results while significantly shortening production time.

Augmind’s cutting-edge proprietary technology uses breakthrough "Shader Technology", algorithms, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to enable MR app developers to achieve high-fidelity content in days, rather than weeks or months. Another game-changer from Augmind is that their MR content will run seamlessly on mobile devices, something which until now was mostly unachievable due to the large size of output files for high-end MR apps. 

Augmind is driven by a highly-experienced team with many years in the industry and an immense passion for MR. 


MyTower is a unified all-in-one innovative facilities management platform. Real estate management includes a complex mix of different verticals, and MyTower is the first to take a user-centric point of view and offer both property and service management options as part of the same solution.

MyTower’s platform consists of 4 building blocks:

1) Property Management (turning residences into smart buildings),

2) Service Management (focusing on communication with tenants),

3) On-Demand Services (limitless concierge assistance), and

4) Integration Store (AppConnect - a world of upgrades and seamless integrations).

MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more integrations to solve every need.


StructShare is digitizing the construction purchasing ecosystem. The company provides software that allows specialty contractors to connect with vendors and streamline the entire purchasing cycle, from planning through field orders, POs and deliveries, to an automatic account payable process.


BuiltUp Ventures (BUV) is the first venture capital fund exclusively focused on PropTech and Real Estate Tech related investments in Israel.

BUV has experienced firsthand how Israeli real estate technologies are playing a big role in solving some of the most pressing problems facing the sector. BUV is actively dedicating capital to these top-tier ventures, and providing investors access to this very deal flow.

The BUV portfolio includes name-brand companies showcasing tremendous momentum, such as SolidBlock, Trusstor, Everflow, Augmind, and MyTower.

The investment opportunity offered here enables accredited investors to join as LP's through a dedicated SPV,


Trusstor is a next-generation solution for construction site management, creating a safer and more productive working environment.

Displaying a real-time status of the project using our Command & Control dashboard, we enable quality data gathering and utilization for critical decision making - referred to as “Construction Intelligence”. 

Led by professional domain experts and leading technological minds, Trusstor designed its solution to assist the site management without creating additional overhead to their already intensive daily operations.

Trusstor's products were designed with industry-leading partners with a key vision in mind - simple solutions for complex problems.


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674B $
VC investments per capita #1 globally
107B $
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Our Model

Investination utilizes several tools to assist its ventures in reaching their full potential. These include, a dedicated US-based go-to-market team, the Leaders Program that connects ventures with local professionals in a variety of communities across the US, IP expertise and guidance through our partnership with Ilan Cohen, formally the Chairman of Reinhold Cohn – the largest IP firm in Israel, Roth&Co- a leading accounting firm ready to serve as a trusted guide through the complicated maze of the financial world, and the Rubinstein PR group that advise on all aspects related to communications and media strategy, offering proven techniques to grow our ventures' businesses and build brand recognition among target audiences.

Our goal is to help Israeli companies through our fundraising and networking guidance while using an investment discipline to generate long-term competitive financial returns.

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Why Us?

Vetted Deal Flow:

Vetted Deal Flow:

As experienced entrepreneurs with connections and strategic partners solidified over decades, we are uniquely-placed to introduce you to the most promising up-and-coming companies.

Innovative and Powerful Tools:

Innovative and Powerful Tools:

A due-diligence process, powered by cutting-edge technologies developed by companies in which we’ve invested, help us look beyond the financials to unearth deeper insights than most.

Diverse Investment Models:

Diverse Investment Models:

You won’t be restricted to one investment model - from digital securities to standard investments, you get to pick the structure that suits your goals.

Active Partners:

Active Partners:

You can invest secure with the knowledge that by pouring our experience and know-how into the operations of all our companies, we are ourselves invested in their success, both financially and practically.

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