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<p>An all-in-one, innovative platform for next-level property intelligence management</p>

An all-in-one, innovative platform for next-level property intelligence management

Meet the CEO
Jul 11, 2021
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<p>Pini Shemesh will introduce the property management ecosystem</p>

Pini Shemesh will introduce the property management ecosystem

  • Sector
  • Description

    Future-Building Technology

  • Founders
    Pini Shemesh, Meiri Shemesh, Yuval Shahak
  • Notable Shareholders

    Founders, BuiltUp Ventures, Angel Investors

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Summary of Terms
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Summary of Terms


MyTower is a unified all-in-one innovative facilities management platform. Real estate management includes a complex mix of different verticals, and MyTower is the first to take a user-centric point of view and offer both property and service management options as part of the same solution.

MyTower’s platform consists of 6 building blocks:

1.      Property / Facility Management - Smart Building under one operating system

2.      Tenant Experience Management - Communication with tenants is key

3.      Concierge - Direct to Home Services for tenants

4.      Benefits & Loyalty Club - Rewards and Discounts revolving the Home

5.      Community - Connecting People

6.      Integration Store - AppConnect - A world of seamless technology integrations

MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more integrations to solve every need.


Automated processes and smart property management solutions are even more valuable in today’s new reality that includes social distancing, working from home, visitors’ temperature tracking, online shopping with delivery to the door, etc. MyTower’s innovative solution protects the safety and health of employees, tenants, and other end users of properties, while also providing efficient facility management that addresses the new needs of building managers and residents. Throughout the COVID crisis, MyTower has seen growth in tenants’ engagement with the platform, an increase in property management efficiency and significant revenue results.


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Problem Overview

The facility management industry today faces a lot of inefficiencies, including:

  • Limited scaling solutions for multiple property types and participants.
  • Property management and service management are offered as two completely separate services with different vendors, pricing, etc.
  • Existing solutions are designed from a building-centric point of view rather than a customer-centric one, resulting in inefficiencies and inconveniences for the residents. 
  • Inefficient management and resource utilization.
  • Too many vertical solutions which do not integrate with each other.

The following statistics show the strong need for a revolution in the way facility management is offered [Sources: OKAPI, Canon Business Process Services, KPMG Global PropTech Survey]:

  • 97% of all facility and real estate managers say that maintaining high tenant satisfaction is a top priority.
  • 61% of property companies believe a tech investment today will positively impact their revenues for years to come.
  • $24 trillion of assets are still managed by using disconnected systems and printed spreadsheets.
  • 81% improvement in retention of tenants is correlated with implementing PropTech in commercial real estate facilities.

In addition, it is important to highlight that the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced new issues that facility management solutions must take into account, as property owners and landlords have to protect the health and safety of tenants and staff while balancing the needs of workers and businesses.

Solution Overview

MyTower offers a user-centric, comprehensive, horizontally integrated, end-to-end solution for the real estate industry that answers the major challenges described in Problem Overview.

MyTower’s advanced platform has 6 key elements:

1. Property / Facility Management - Smart Building under one operating system

1a. Management Side - Tailored to every property type, Connection to Monitoring Systems, Allowing Proactive and preventive maintenance, Efficient use of resources, BI platform to anticipate needs, Adapt to changing circumstances, Security and Lobby Control, Tenants Access Control, Guests Access Control, Security alerts, Personalization, Automating rules and more.

1b. Tenant Side - Facility Information, Simple Access Control to Building, Parking, Elevator and all other spaces, Reserving Facilities, Reservation for guests, Real Time Facility visibility, Facility Access Control and more.

2. Tenant Experience Management - Communication with tenants is key

2a. Pre Population - Construction Stage - Revolutionizing this critical stage using the MyTower platform; tenant Database Management, Tenant Engagement and Involvement, Payment Status, Alerts and Notifications, Construction Progress and General Updates, Loyalty Program with benefits for tenants.

2b. Post Population - CRM system to manage tenants, visitors, vehicles and deliveries, Allowing better Tenant Communication, Enabling them to easily make payments, report maintenance issues and more.

3. Concierge - Direct to Home Services for tenants

Connected countless service providers, such as: Dry cleaning, Dog walkers, Spa treatments, Housekeeping, Laundry, Delivery, Ecologic car wash and more. ALSO - by your choice - Connect all Food Court offerings, Retail and Restaurants for easy deliveries through the App.

4. Benefits & Loyalty Club - Rewards and Discounts revolving the Home

Offering endless services, products and brands at great and low prices, is all about tenants’ experience, meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations. These great offers come with high purchasing power; Pre-populating cleaning services, Moving in/out, Third-party service providers on demand, Insurance, Rent Management, High-speed Internet (fiber optics), Cable and streaming, Furniture, Electronics, CUrtains, Rugs, Accessories and much more.

5. Community - Connecting People

Community Managers, Community Offers, Socialization and Local benefits, Community Groups and Tenants Events, Neighborhood events, Secured Community Add-ons and much more.

6. Integration Store - AppConnect - A world of seamless technology integrations

Mobile facial recognition-based self-check-in, Leak sensors and proactive maintenance for shared and private areas, HVAC Systems integration, BMU connectivity, Solar Power Integration, API integration and other endless solutions.

Key advantages of MyTower:

1)   A comprehensive, horizontally integrated end-to-end solution: the advanced PropTech platform provides property management companies with one horizontal system that “breaks down the walls” rather than requiring the use of many separated vertical services, which are very difficult to manage;

2)   The first of its kind user-centric point of view property management solution: the AppConnect platform connects to a large range of API and app integrations to help automate, organize and effectively manage a Smart Property Solution from one, easy-to-use control panel;

3)   Combination of AI and IoT within the property management’s day-to-day operation: MyTower offers countless solutions that are easily tailored and integrated to fit companies’ existing workflow and needs:

  • People and places - facility and personnel
  • BI platform to anticipate needs
  • Proactive and preventive maintenance
  • Unified property dashboard
  • Finance and lease management
  • Employee and attendance supervision
  • Suppliers’ and contractors’ management
  • Platforms’ synergy

The MyTower platform allows clients to advance to the IoB era and enjoy property that is:

1)   Connected: Smart property is engaged and self-aware. It connects with utilities (water, gas, electricity, etc.), tenants, suppliers, and other buildings. Connected property allows synergy between online and offline solutions and integrates centralized and decentralized networks.

2)   Adaptive: Connected property can anticipate and adjust to changing circumstances such as climate, time, occupants, and more. Smart buildings become multifunctional and have modular systems that can be personalized based on user behavior and predefined needs, improving the wellbeing of people and communities.

3)   Efficient: The IoB revolution reduces cost while boosting functionality. Optimized resource utilization helps tenants and protects the environment we all share. Smart buildings are better prepared for emergencies and non-resource situations and can trade and share resources with other property. Their performance is easily measured and tracked.

4)   Automatic: The above benefits take place smoothly and automatically. Specific needs, preferences and behaviors are all taken into account. Advanced machine learning algorithms study the property and its residents, getting better and more sophisticated at predicting needs based on user feedback and aggregated data.

MyTower’s solution helps facility management teams to develop sustainable buildings and optimize functions at the most efficient level. It enables facility managers to identify the underutilized and poor performing facilities, assets, processes, and resources, and help improve facility assets. MyTower’s impact on property management companies includes:

1) reduction of properties’ operational costs by up to 50%,

2) profit increase by adding new revenue channels,

3) improvement of property lifecycle ROI by up to 25%.

MyTower’s platform has been updated to meet both tenant and personnel needs in the current pandemic situation. The solution includes following additional features which are important for real estate management during COVID-19:

  • SLA: disinfection and cleaning tasks,
  • visitor temperature control,
  • face recognition (door opening without a touch),
  • gym, swimming pool and amenities control.

It is important to highlight that currently the MyTower platform is only available for residential properties, but in the future it will also cover Commercial and Hospitality real estate.


Pini Shemesh
Co-Founder & CEO
Meiri Shemesh
Co-Founder & CFO, Business Development
Yuval Shahak
Co-Founder & CMO, COO
Amit Giladi
Director of Business Development
Tom Tassa
Sales Executive
Nikolai Tursky
Omer Banon
Product Manager

Why Are We Investing?

BuiltUp Ventures invested in MyTower’s seed funding round in February 2019 and remains one of the company’s main shareholders.

We are proud to have MyTower in our portfolio due to the following:

  • Growing Market

The facility management market was valued at USD 40.41 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach a market value of USD 81.49 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 12.51% during the forecast period of 2020-2025. [Source: Research and Markets]

The PropTech market in general, and the facility management market in particular, are booming and will continue to grow in the foreseeable future. The opportunity for PropTech development is driven not only by the sheer size of the market but also by the limited amount of innovation up until now. [Source: Proptech.Zone] It is a market that is looking for innovative technology-based solutions, and being one of the first on the scene means that MyTower can quickly capture market-share in this industry that has huge potential for growth.

  • MyTower Solution

We believe in the high value and competitiveness of MyTower’s product.

The new era of property management requires a new and original approach. MyTower provides cutting-edge property and service management solutions that take into account the current needs of owners, residents, managers, and vendors, and which help residential units to be managed in a smart, cost-efficient way, resulting in better service management, higher engagement, and most importantly - happier people.

  • Strong Team

MyTower’s team consists of experienced professionals who love real estate and believe in technology. Their energy and experience will lead the company to success.

  • Track Record

MyTower is an early stage company that has already delivered strong financial achievements: their revenue progress is impressive – approx. $5.8M as of May 2021 (cumulative since platform launch in 2018), of which $3.3M was delivered in 2020.

Currently, over 250 leading residential towers in Israel are managed by MyTower and are benefiting from cost-efficiency, better service management, higher engagement and happier residents.

Company Analysis

The new era of property management requires an original approach. MyTower provides exactly that with its cutting-edge property and service management solution which considers the current needs of owners, residents, managers, and vendors. MyTower’s smart property management platform uses a combination of AI and IoT to connect and enhance property and service management, bringing the entire ecosystem under one virtual roof. 

Contrary to other facilities management systems that are often separated by vertical, MyTower takes a user-centric point of view and is horizontally-integrated, making it much more comprehensive and easy to use.

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Summary of Terms

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