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Urban AeronauticsAviation & Aerospace

Urban Aeronautics is a leading aerospace company revolutionizing the future of Urban Air Mobility by designing and developing 'car-sized' aircrafts that will provide safe and rapid transport via seamless city integration. Helicopters are too noisy and have too big of a rotor strike safety area to easily land in big cities. The UrbanAero VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) patented design is propelled by two quiet ducted fans allowing for compact landing space without the rotor strike risk. With over 300 test flights and strong aerospace partners, Urban Aero is scaling up towards real life urban flight services. Urban Air Mobility is the biggest aviation revolution of the last 100 years with over $1 Billion invested in 2020 alone. Get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity today.

This $3.8M funding round will be followed by $50M A round that will be based off of a substantially higher valuation of the company that is being prepared by financial advisors. This money will allow the company to scale up and begin preparations for development of full-scale prototypes which is the first step for manufacturing. In addition, approaching aircraft certification will dramatically increase the company’s value and allow it to become publicly traded.

AugmindMixed Reality

Augmind is revolutionizing Mixed Reality (MR). Its mission is to become the ultimate developer platform for creating the Metaverse, with the next generation of realistic, immersive, content creation technology. Their SaaS Development platform enables Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and MR developers to achieve high-fidelity, interactive, 3D, and MR content optimized for mobile/web/low-end hardware platforms. By making MR graphic production faster and more accessible to developers, Augmind will clear a path for MR adoption by various industries including retail, real estate, gaming, and the Metaverse.

Augmind provides AR and VR developers, mobile-3D content creators, 3D designers, developers, and technical artists with an easy-to-use, one-click solution to optimize entire scenes. They will be able to achieve stunning, realistic results while significantly shortening production time.

Their cutting-edge technology uses breakthrough "Shader Technology", algorithms, Machine Learning, AI, and Computer Vision to achieve high-fidelity content in days, rather than weeks or months. Their MR content will run seamlessly on any mobile/web platform, which until now was mostly unachievable due to the large size of output files for high-end MR content. 

Augmind's experienced team has years in the industry and a passion for MR. 


Spydro® is the first smart fishing camera that captures HD footage from the tip of the fishing line. Its superior hydrodynamic behavior, advanced power management capabilities, and intuitive hands-free operation enhance the fishing experience by revealing exactly what is occurring underwater. Synced with Spydro's mobile app, it automatically creates a fishing diary that can be analyzed and shared online to create a social network of anglers (a kind of “Waze” for anglers) and a valuable environmental database.

Spydro® enables anglers to record and see underwater fishing activity (while improving their fishing techniques), make real-time fishing decisions, share their underwater footage, and receive relevant water data such as water temperature, salinity, etc. It is a game-changing innovation for understanding fishing trends and mapping fishing behavior.


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Israel, Morroco Sign Deals for Agrifood, Climate Tech

Israel and Morocco signed a number of business-and-tech-focused agreements this week through delegations from both countries that attended the first-ever “Connect to Innovate” conference organized by Start-Up Nation Central, a non-profit organization that reports on the Israel tech industry. 

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Walmart is expanding its drone deliveries to reach 4 million households

Walmart is capitalizing on drone technology for delivery services.


Israeli startups raise record $25.6 billion in 2021

Local companies recorded more than 77 mega-rounds of over $100 million last year, more than double of 2019 and 2020 combined

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