Investment Opportunities


MyTower is a unified all-in-one innovative facilities management platform. Real estate management includes a complex mix of different verticals, and MyTower is the first to take a user-centric point of view and offer both property and service management options as part of the same solution.

MyTower’s platform consists of 6 building blocks:

1.      Property / Facility Management - Smart Building under one operating system

2.      Tenant Experience Management - Communication with tenants is key

3.      Concierge - Direct to Home Services for tenants

4.      Benefits & Loyalty Club - Rewards and Discounts revolving the Home

5.      Community - Connecting People

6.      Integration Store - AppConnect - A world of seamless technology integrations

MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more integrations to solve every need.


BuiltUp Ventures (BUV) is the first venture capital fund exclusively focused on PropTech and Real Estate Tech related investments in Israel.

BUV has experienced firsthand how Israeli real estate technologies are playing a big role in solving some of the most pressing problems facing the sector. BUV is actively dedicating capital to these top-tier ventures, and providing investors access to this very deal flow.

The BUV portfolio includes name-brand companies showcasing tremendous momentum, such as SolidBlock, Trusstor, Everflow, Augmind, and MyTower.

The investment opportunity offered here enables accredited investors to join as LP's through a dedicated SPV,

EnerjoyEnterprise Software

Enerjoy is a smart AI sales incentives platform (SAAS) that helps raise the performance of sales or customer service teams by impressive percentages (13-32%), improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. The platform works equally as well for remote and in-office teams.