Urban AeronauticsAviation & Aerospace

Urban Aeronautics is a leading aerospace company revolutionizing the future of Urban Air Mobility by designing and developing 'car-sized' aircrafts that will provide safe and rapid transport via seamless city integration. Helicopters are too noisy and have too big of a rotor strike safety area to easily land in big cities. The UrbanAero VTOL (Vertical Take Off & Landing) patented design is propelled by two quiet ducted fans allowing for compact landing space without the rotor strike risk. With over 300 test flights and strong aerospace partners, Urban Aero is scaling up towards real life urban flight services. Urban Air Mobility is the biggest aviation revolution of the last 100 years with over $1 Billion invested in 2020 alone. Get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity today.

This $3.8M funding round will be followed by $50M A round that will be based off of a substantially higher valuation of the company that is being prepared by financial advisors. This money will allow the company to scale up and begin preparations for development of full-scale prototypes which is the first step for manufacturing. In addition, approaching aircraft certification will dramatically increase the company’s value and allow it to become publicly traded.


MyTower is a unified all-in-one innovative facilities management platform. Real estate management includes a complex mix of different verticals, and MyTower is the first to take a user-centric point of view and offer both property and service management options as part of the same solution.

MyTower’s platform consists of 6 building blocks:

1.      Property / Facility Management - Smart Building under one operating system

2.      Tenant Experience Management - Communication with tenants is key

3.      Concierge - Direct to Home Services for tenants

4.      Benefits & Loyalty Club - Rewards and Discounts revolving the Home

5.      Community - Connecting People

6.      Integration Store - AppConnect - A world of seamless technology integrations

MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more integrations to solve every need.

AugmindMixed Reality

Augmind revolutionizes Mixed Reality (MR). You'll be blown away by the next generation of highly realistic and immersive content creation technology.

Augmind is an online SaaS platform designed to enable Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and MR developers to create hyper-realistic, highly-compelling visuals and digital content faster than ever before. By making MR graphic production faster and more accessible to developers, Augmind will clear a path for MR adoption by numerous industries including retail, real estate, gaming and more. Augmind’s MR development platform will offer app developers the world over a content creation tool that will allow them to achieve stunning, realistic results while significantly shortening production time.

Augmind’s cutting-edge proprietary technology uses breakthrough "Shader Technology", algorithms, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to enable MR app developers to achieve high-fidelity content in days, rather than weeks or months. Another game-changer from Augmind is that their MR content will run seamlessly on mobile devices, something which until now was mostly unachievable due to the large size of output files for high-end MR apps. 

Augmind is driven by a highly-experienced team with many years in the industry and an immense passion for MR. 

EnerjoyEnterprise Software

Enerjoy is a smart AI sales incentives platform (SAAS) that helps raise the performance of sales or customer service teams by impressive percentages (13-32%), improve employee satisfaction and reduce turnover rates. The platform works equally as well for remote and in-office teams.


StructShare is digitizing the construction purchasing ecosystem. The company provides software that allows specialty contractors to connect with vendors and streamline the entire purchasing cycle, from planning through field orders, POs and deliveries, to an automatic account payable process.


Trusstor is a next-generation solution for construction site management, creating a safer and more productive working environment.

Displaying a real-time status of the project using our Command & Control dashboard, we enable quality data gathering and utilization for critical decision making - referred to as “Construction Intelligence”. 

Led by professional domain experts and leading technological minds, Trusstor designed its solution to assist the site management without creating additional overhead to their already intensive daily operations.

Trusstor's products were designed with industry-leading partners with a key vision in mind - simple solutions for complex problems.

SwathlyIndustry 4.0

Swathly is a sales intelligence software that uses big data analysis and machine learning technology to optimize selling and marketing processes. Swathly builds successful lead generation by analyzing the value and supply chain of an “ideal” customer. This is an advantage that is especially critical in times of economic crisis where the human and financial resources of companies are limited - and yet they need to turn a profit to survive.


AG-Sense specializes in providing IoT (Internet of Things) solution for a secure remote control and transferring data in the banks, automotive and agricultural fields. The latest trend in the banking and finance sector is to use the IoT to secure banks and ATM sites. AG-Sense IoT based sensors solution can help banks cut their operational cost by reducing energy wastage, reducing the risk of theft and helping customers whenever they face any challenges.

AG-Sense is a leading provider in the market of location based devices, as AG-Sense provides a unique service of both a location tracking device, and a fleet control and management services, with an emphasis on the security needs.

AG-Sense's main activity includes:

  • End to end solution for a anti skimming and full protective system for ATM's: On site ATM, Off site ATM, Mobile ATM, White/Brown Label ATM;
  • IoT Platform and Big Data: remote sensing system, which allow the users to remotely control parameters such as temperature and humidity;
  • IoT monitoring solutions for tanks (water, fuel, urea, fertilizer, sewage);
  • A protective system for agricultural tools, agricultural machinery, forklifts, tractors and bulldozers (construction equipment), off-road vehicles and towed equipment.

SolidBlock makes property work for everyone. The company is building a new asset class based on real estate, combining the stability of the property market growth and efficiency of blockchain-based financial products. SolidBlock creates tradable digital assets backed by real estate that grant investors rights to revenue, dividends, or interest and allow them to benefit from the growth of their property as well as trade their assets at any time.


Wisio.com enables social media creators, such as YouTubers and Instagramers, to offer paid personal advice and feedback to their audience.

Imagine being able to send a song you wrote to a creator you value on YouTube that inspires you to create and receive a personal video, just for you, with feedback and advice on getting better after he has actually heard what you have created. 

Or, for example, consult with a YouTube relationship expert regarding marital challenges, and even request a personal card reading from one of the world's most influential card readers.

In fact, Wisio allows direct access, personal attention, and connection to social media creators, who play an increasing role in their followers’ lives, as experts, as mentors, and even as a big sister or brother. Each creator with his own uniqueness.

For creators, the platform enables a new, authentic, and stable way to generate revenue, in a way that builds a closer and more meaningful connection with their followers.

Just as social networks have creators in many different fields, so too does Wisio work in many fields, from art and music to business relationships and careers.


Class.Me is a chat-based virtual learning center for students, teachers and private tutors to study better together.

The platform empowers students, teachers and private tutors to seamlessly communicate and collaborate via an accessible, private, safe and secure network of academic support at scale. Class.Me's mobile app enables academic peer-to-peer messaging for classmates to help each other solve homework assignments or engage in discussions. Class.Me also offers virtual online tutors so that students can access the extra help they need.

Class.Me is a safe and secure platform that is fully compliant with COPPA, FERPA, & CCPA. The company operates primarily in Israel and is currently penetrating the U.S. market. 

IntervyoHR Tech

Intervyo - an award-winning global pioneer in human predictive analytics - introduces the world's first AI-driven virtual "interviewer." Screening candidates via Interview is an essential component of the recruitment process yet it is time-consuming, costly, subjective and inaccurate. Intervyo's simulated interviewer responds to verbal and non-verbal feedback and incorporates the latest advances in natural language processing, speech recognition, intonation analysis, micro-facial gesture analysis and other next-generation predictive capabilities. Focusing on both hard and soft (behavioural) skills, Intervyo generates a scientifically-backed, 360-degree analysis of the candidate and also offers insight into the candidates cultural-fit. Intervyo can screen any number of candidates simultaneously, for any position, in any language, saving recruiters enormous amounts of time and streamlining even the largest of recruitment drives.


MTtech develop apps and sensors to create ideal systems that enhance performance within their operating environment, their smart solutions have been applied to various uses and sectors, including education, medical, military & security, real estate, car dealership, and more.

MTtech create revolutionary software and hardware solutions that facilitate interaction between people. Their flagship products – the smart table and the smart kitchen – are pioneering a new and exciting era of office and home technology. To date MTtech have developed six different models of the table:

  • Their flagship system - KIsense which is the world-first fully integrated smart kitchen system they launch in Israel and US,
  • Smart office systems for car dealerships,
  • Smart agent desks,
  • Smart conference rooms, 
  • New solutions for security/military (recent pivot with the first pilot as with IDF, Elbit and more),
  • JV with Ichilov hospital for amazing smart physician desk (MedDesk) to seize to opportunities of Covid-19.

The tragedy of 9/11 changed the world as we knew it. The images of people jumping out of New York’s Twin Towers are emblazoned on the memories of all who watched, not least because they highlight the tragic limitations of First Responders who were powerless to rescue many of the victims. Following this tragedy, the New York Fire Department approached the Israeli army for solutions and the result was the SkySaver Backpack (which has since evolved into a suite of rescue products for home-use and in professional settings such as on wind turbines and cranes). SkySaver offers the only CDD in the market that has passed rigorous testing and can be proactively installed onsite even in the presence of damaging elements such as heat, fire, cold, water and salt. This means that SkySaver does not have to be transported to disaster-sites in emergency situations where even a small delay can have dire consequences. SkySaver is also the only solution on the market that enables the immediate evacuation of injured and incapacitated workers without specially-trained rescuers.


Spydro® is the first smart fishing camera that captures amazing HD footage from the tip of the line. Its superior hydrodynamic behaviour, advanced power management capabilities and intuitive hands-free operation empowers the fishing experience by revealing exactly what is going on underwater. Synced with the Spydro mobile-app, it automatically creates a fishing diary which can be analyzed and shared onsite. While still a new and promising product, Spydro is already gaining a reputation among independent reviewers who rate it as best in class and far superior to competitors.

Fertigo MedicalMedical Devices & Digital Health

By performing continuous, real-time in-vivo monitoring to determine the readiness of the uterus for implantation, Fertigo will increase the success rate of IVF treatments.

The current success rate of IVF treatments lies somewhere below 30% of all cycles. Fertigo's solution responds to two significant unmet needs: the emotional burden of dealing with IVF failure and the financial burden of costly repeat of IVF treatments. Fertigo's technology will increase the IVF success rate and become the new standard of care. Fertigo will potentially save billions of dollars in wasted IVF costs and will significantly improve quality of life for the patients and families of those seeking IVF treatments.

Earways MedicalMedical Devices & Digital Health

Earways Medical is a leading innovator of ear-care solutions with a mission to enhance the well-being of millions of children and adults worldwide. Based on a unique, patent-pending technology, Earways products are specially-designed to solve the challenge of earwax blockage which, when left unattended, can lead to loss of hearing and subsequent cognitive impairment in children. The novel EarWay® Pro and EarWay® HomeCare products manoeuvre along the walls of the ear canal, enabling the extraction of clusters of cerumen (wax) in one, easy-to-perform twisting motion. The Earways Medical range of easy-to use, ear-care products are designed for use both both home and in a clinical setting.

Filterlex MedicalMedical Devices & Digital Health

Filterlex offers CAPTIS® - a full-body embolic protection system designed to reduce the risk of stroke and other complications that commonly occur during catheter-based structural heart procedures. Invasive procedures, such as TAVR (Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement) run a high risk of embolic particles being released into the blood and migrating to the brain where they can trigger a spectrum of neurological deficiencies, from cognitive impairment to debilitating stroke. Emboli released to distal organs may also result in acute kidney injury and ischemia. CAPTIS protects the surface of the aorta during TAVI procedures by deflecting, capturing and removing embolic particles without interfering in the procedure workflow.


Okibo develops intelligent, mobile, multi-purpose, and autonomous robots to enhance efficiency and reduce the costs of construction projects. Okibo’s range of construction site robots sit atop a highly mobile platform and use advanced computer vision, laser detectors, geo-positioning, and inertial motion sensors. The robots can be readily assimilated into any construction site and programmed to perform a multitude of tasks that were formerly performed manually or using more limited machinery. The company’s primary product is a wall-rendering robot for simplifying and reducing the costs of multiple wall isolation projects such as stucco, EIFS, concrete, primer, and adhesives.