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Invest in Microbiome

Microbiome's technology uses an innovative formula to offer a real solution for fresh agriculture throughout the supply chain. Their unique bacterial consortium has a broad-spectrum effect, for long periods of time against numerous pathogens. When applied in storage or cooling rooms, ripening chambers, and containers, the formula creates preferred growth conditions for beneficial bacteria, enabling them to consume the nourishment and space other pathogens thrive on. This continuous, long-lasting, process drastically reduces mold, fungi, and other pathogens in the treated area.

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Wonder RoboticsRobotics

Wonder Robotics' first product, "WonderLand", enables vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones to safely and autonomously land on any unprepared, unattended site. Based in Israel, with offices in the US, the company was founded by worldwide experts in drone technology, robotics, navigation, and 3D visualization applications for commercial and military markets.

Cardiac SenseMedical Devices & Digital Health

Backed by a strong IP portfolio that includes developments in optics, mechanics, and signal processing, CardiacSense's unique, state-of-the-art smartwatch provides long-term, continuous, accurate, monitoring of heart arrhythmias (such as atrial fibrillation or cardiac arrest) and blood pressure. CardiacSense recently obtained FDA clearance for ECG, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), and beat-by-beat HR. Their expert multidisciplinary team combines years of clinical, technical, and business experience.


Trusstor’s revolutionary Construction Intelligence solutions for construction site management create safer, more productive, working environments. Displaying real-time status of projects with a “Command & Control” dashboard, Trusstor gathers quality data to use for critical decision-making. 


Led by professional domain experts and leading tech minds, Trusstor’s technology advances site management without adding overhead to daily operations. Their products were designed with industry-leading partners with a key vision in mind, - to find simple solutions to complex problems!


Okibo develops intelligent, mobile, multi-purpose, and autonomous robots for finishing works in construction sites. The company's first product is a robot designed for painting, coating and drywall finishing. 

AirwayzAviation & Aerospace

Airwayz offers Artifical Intelligence (AI) based, dynamic, UTM which operates as an automated ‘Control tower’ for the Very Low-Level Airspace (VLL). This enables safe & scalable operations of manned and unmanned aircrafts at high capacity, using the same VLL.


MyTower is a unified all-in-one innovative facilities management platform. Real estate management includes a complex mix of different verticals, and MyTower is the first to take a user-centric point of view and offer both property and service management options as part of the same solution.

MyTower’s platform consists of 6 building blocks:

1.      Property / Facility Management - Smart Building under one operating system

2.      Tenant Experience Management - Communication with tenants is key

3.      Concierge - Direct to Home Services for tenants

4.      Benefits & Loyalty Club - Rewards and Discounts revolving the Home

5.      Community - Connecting People

6.      Integration Store - AppConnect - A world of seamless technology integrations

MyTower’s platform keeps evolving, adding more and more integrations to solve every need.


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No Camels

Heart Monitoring Smartwatch Receives FDA Approval

No Camels' feature on CardiacSense's smartwatch for monitoring vital signs.

CTECH by Calcalist

New Sheba center to tackle challenge of attaining healthy longevity

Dr. Zipora Strauss, Director of Neonatology and Pediatric Physician at Sheba Hospital, is the person behind the new center that aims to ensure healthspan goes hand in hand with life expectancy

AJOT- American journal of Transportation

Port of Rotterdam selects partner for prototype U-Space Airspace

Port of Rotterdam Authority (PoR) has selected Airwayz as the partner to build the U-Space Airspace prototype for the port industrial complex. The partnership is set for a period of two years in which the U-Space services will be set up and the Airwayz unmanned traffic management (UTM) system will be configured to the ports’ needs and requirements.

Ship Technology

Airwayz Drones conducts proof of concept demonstration at Ashdod Port

Airwayz UTM’s capability to manage multiple fleets of drones was displayed in the demonstration.

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Investination utilizes several tools to assist its ventures in reaching their full potential. These include, a dedicated US-based go-to-market team, the Leaders Program that connects ventures with local professionals in a variety of communities across the US, IP expertise and guidance through our partnership with Ilan Cohen, formally the Chairman of Reinhold Cohn – the largest IP firm in Israel, Roth&Co- a leading accounting firm ready to serve as a trusted guide through the complicated maze of the financial world, and the Rubinstein PR group that advise on all aspects related to communications and media strategy, offering proven techniques to grow our ventures' businesses and build brand recognition among target audiences.

Our goal is to help Israeli companies through our fundraising and networking guidance while using an investment discipline to generate long-term competitive financial returns.

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Vetted Deal Flow:

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Innovative and Powerful Tools:

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Diverse Investment Models:

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Active Partners:

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